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10 Things You Should Know About A Reglazed Bathtub


1)    Reglazing a bathtub is more economical, takes less time to do and is easier to have done than replacing a bathtub.

2)    Most tubs can be reglazed than can be replaced.

3)    Other than the overflow-drain-cap, nothing else is removed when reglazing.

4)    There is nothing to clean up after reglazing.

5)    Changing your bathtub’s colour is more easily done by reglazing.

6)    Cleaning a reglazed tub isn’t that much different than a non-reglazed tub.

7)    If you use a mat in your bathtub, a no-slip surface can be put down when it’s reglazed.

8)    Reglazing, refinishing and remodelling are all the same thing.

9)    Is your tub shiny, smooth, clean looking? If not, get your tub reglazed with Dr. Tubs Reglazing.

10) Don’t waste your time; call the company that has done thousands of tubs all over the GTA. Where customer service is #1 and where we stand by our product 100%.


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