Bathtub Refinishing Reasons To Reglaze Tiles

Bathroom Refinishing Ideas…Tub and Tiles Part #2


In part #1 we spoke about saving money and time by getting your tub and tiles refinished instead of replacing them. What I didn’t mention there was by how much you would save.

Tiles are cheap and an inexpensive fibreglass bathtub would only cost a few hundred dollars.

However, if you are not doing the work yourself, the contractor will charge you an arm and a leg for

1) The removal of the old bathtub and tiles.
2) The installation of the new bathtub and tiles,
3) the installation of new plumbing, if any and new fixtures,
4) the disposal. The job may take between 1-2 weeks and may cost between $2000-5000 for materials/parts and labour.

Refinishing a tub and tiles will take less than a day and will likely cost you around a $1000 or less. So why go through all the aggravation finding a contractor, picking out tiles, a tub and waiting a couple of weeks and spending thousands of dollars when you could call Dr. Tubs Reglazing and we’ll refinish your bathroom for less time and money!!!

In part #3 we’ll talk about another reason why you should refinish your tile rather than replace them.

Call Dr. Tubs Reglazing right now to discuss refinishing and let us bring your tub and tile back to life! 416-630-9143 or or

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