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Bathroom Refinishing Ideas…Tub & Tiles Part #1


This is the season where a lot of refinishing and remodelling takes place. People are waking up after the long winter and realizing that the weather is nice, the temperature is warm and it’s perfect to do the renovations you were thinking of a few months ago.

Where to start? Which room? Inside or out? Should we work on the garden this year or spruce up the kids bathroom? How can we afford this renovation? Can we just

refinish something now and push off the whole reno later?

Dr. Tubs receives daily emails about refinishing bathrooms with the mind-set of not breaking the bank at the same time. So here is one simple bathroom refinishing idea. Instead of replacing your tub and wall tiles, why not reglaze them?

The most common colour for ceramic wall tiles used in bathrooms is white, plain simple white. Refinishing the tub and tiles will cost far less $$ and take less than a day to do.

In part #2, we’ll discuss this in more detail. So don’t wait, call or email Dr. Tubs Reglazing today at 416-630-9143 or or

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