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Bathroom Renovations in Toronto. Refinish Your Bathtub!! Claw Foot Tubs 101 Part 3



Claw foot tubs that are rusty or peeling need to be refinished ASAP. Dr. Tubs Reglazing in Toronto specializes in dealing with rusty claw foots and bathtubs that are chipping or peeling. Save 15% off the reglazing with promo code JUNESP and let the professionals bring your tub back to life.

While rust may always be an issue, as it’s very difficult to stop it from continuing to eat away at the metal, it doesn’t make sense to throw away a good tub. You’ve heard the saying, “they don’t make it like they used to!” Well, it’s true. Cast iron claw foots are now being replaced with cheap fibreglass and acrylic look-a-likes from abroad. They don’t hold the heat like cast iron and they are being touted as being better than “what your grandparents used”. Well I can tell you they are wrong. They are garbage and the consumer is being ripped-off .

The summer is the season for renovations and people all over Toronto are hiring contractors to redo their bathrooms. The knowledgeable ones are recommending reglazing as a way to brighten up and change the look of the bathroom without spending lots of money and without throwing away a good bathtub.

If you call Dr. Tubs at 416-630-9143 or email or anytime this month and mention promo code JUNESP, we’ll take 15% off the reglazing.


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Happy New Years 2014 from Dr Tubs Reglazing – Refinish your bathtub today!