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Bathtubs of all sizes. Small tubs, stone tubs and whirlpool tubs.


I started to think about small bathtubs and so I searched Google and the holy Google god came up with lots of pictures. Some unbelievable, some crazy and some very interesting. Here are 5 tubs that I thought I should share.

The first tub is a whirlpool tub shaped as a tear drop with water coming down from above, like a waterfall. Its very funky. Has a small foot print and quite cool (for a hot tub)!

The Tear Jerker


This next tub is the smallest tub on the famous Queen Mary ship. It doesn’t look anything special, in fact, it looks pretty boring….and small.

Small Queen Mary tub


What do you think of this tiny tub? Its metal, plain and really small. There is no stretching out legs in this tub, that’s for sure.


Here is a tub that definitely isn’t small. I thought it would be neat to show a tub very different than the ones above. It’s large, It’s oddly shaped and it’s made of stone. Don’t ask how to get in, cause I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Lastly, I saw this claw foot tub today. It’s probably around 4 feet. Dr. Tubs Reglazing will be refinishing it and 2 other longer claw foot tubs next week. Check out the swan on the side. It will be gone next week.


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