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Happy Holidays from Dr Tubs Reglazing!!!

Get 25% off the cost of reglazing now 

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To get the designer look for your bathroom and stick within your budget try the refinishing touches of Dr. Tubs. Your bathroom may have unsightly stains on the floor tiles, chips on the bathtub or even a dirty sink that just refuses to look clean.  Perish the thought of turning to a professional decorator or even getting a new bathtub and sink.

Bathroom renovations will cost a small fortune and you may still end up not liking the final result.  That will not be the case when you choose Dr. Tubs. Your old bathroom will get a makeover within a few hours and you can use your bathroom from the very next day.  A whole new look with the same old bathroom.

Is it magic?

The answer is both a yes and a no.  Yes,  we do bring a touch of magic with us and no, the answer lies with our two-step reglazing procedure.  The entire cost is only…

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Dear Dr. Tubs,
I recently installed a new vanity and toilet in my bathroom. We are thinking of possibly removing the tiles around the tub and we are not sure of what to do with the bathtub as it looks dull and dirty. Should we replace the bathtub or reglaze it?
Sandra T.
Toronto, Ontario

Hi Sandra,

Thank you for your letter. I’d love to see what the new vanity looks like. If you have any before and after pictures, please send them to me.

I get asked all the time about replacing a tub versus reglazing a bathtub. There are just a few reasons why one should replace their tub instead of reglazing, but there are many more reasons for reglazing.

First off, replacing a tub consists of the following steps:

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