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Last night was the Consumer Choice Award Dinner at the Liberty Grand just North of the Lake. In a beautiful hall, with over 400 people, Dr. Tubs celebrated with other winners. It was a great time inside, a little rainy outside. Dr. Tubs Reglazing even got an early evening shout-out at the dinner with the host poking fun at our company name. He joked around saying that we used to be called Mr. Tubs because we were tubby, but now we are Dr. Tubs… Ha Ha. 

Dr. Tubs Reglazing is super happy that we won this award, our second of 2017. Our first award this year was the #HomeStarsBestOf2017 Award for Bathtub Refinishing in Toronto. Here are some pictures from last night. 











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Bathtub Refinishing Latest Post Social Network

Dr. Tubs Reglazing loves getting reviews. Whether they are positive or sometimes negative, as long as they are constructive and honest, it’s a win-win for everyone. Potential customers need to know if they can trust the work of the reglazer. Even though Dr. Tubs Reglazing is a member of the #BBB Better Business Bureau (holding us to high standards), reading a review helps with making the ultimate decision…do you want to go with company x or company y? On the other hand, we at #DrTubsReglazing pat ourselves on our backs when we get great reviews and work harder and better when we get a less-than-desired review.

Thank you to all who have submitted reviews over the years on #HomeStars, #411, #YellowPages and #Google and #Facebook.  

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Bathtub Refinishing Bathtub Reglazing No-slip Surface

What does $25 get you these days? It can get you a lot. The most important thing it can buy is a no-slip surface when you reglaze your bathtub with #DrTubsReglazing. We believe that the #noslipsurface is a cheap insurance policy. Our no-slip surface is built into the glaze. It isn’t gritty and doesn’t feel like you’re walking on sea shells. It looks good, feels good and protects the user from slipping. 

#Bathmats especially the one’s with suction cups will damage the glaze and if you think you will be saving money by not taking the no-slip surface and using a bathmat, you’re in for surprise. The enamel is strong but it has been cured under room temperature and therefore it can be damaged with when a bathmat is used. The suction cups hold onto the tub so strongly that when you remove it, the new glaze can come straight off. It’s as if you’ve taken your hard earned cash and flushed it down the toilet. Or better yet, you’ve thrown it away with the bathwater. Especially for a property manager or landlord, who will be making back the extra $25 in no time. So why would you refuse the service. When a tenant feels that the shiny floor has a texture to it that will prevent slipping, they won’t use a bathmat, they won’t slip, they’ll enjoy the tub longer and better yet, they won’t damage the tub.

It’s just $25 to get a no-slip surface. Do the right thing and when ordering your tub reglaze, get the no-slip as well. It’s not worth having to pay to get the tub redone because you are a cheapskate. Do it right. Do it right away. Get the no-slip surface. Besides, Dr. Tubs Reglazing has been doing our famous no-slip surface since 2009. You can count on us. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and are the 2017 Consumer Choice Winners for Bathtub Refinishing in the GTA and the Homestars Best of 2017 winner for Bathtub Refinishing / Reglazing in Toronto. Call us at 416-630-9143 or email


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