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Dear Dr. Tubs,
I recently installed a new vanity and toilet in my bathroom. We are thinking of possibly removing the tiles around the tub and we are not sure of what to do with the bathtub as it looks dull and dirty. Should we replace the bathtub or reglaze it?
Sandra T.
Toronto, Ontario

Hi Sandra,

Thank you for your letter. I’d love to see what the new vanity looks like. If you have any before and after pictures, please send them to me.

I get asked all the time about replacing a tub versus reglazing a bathtub. There are just a few reasons why one should replace their tub instead of reglazing, but there are many more reasons for reglazing.

First off, replacing a tub consists of the following steps:

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Dear Dr. Tubs,

We are thinking of reglazing our bathroom tub, but I recently heard that I wouldn’t be able to use my bath mat if it’s reglazed. Is this true?

Marianna F.
Scarborough, Ontario


Dear Marianna,

Thanks for writing to us. We get asked quite often if a bath mat can be used with a reglazed tub and the answer is it depends on the type of mat.

It is understandable that tubs will be slippery when they are used and many people will find a reglazed tub to be comparable or even a little more slippery. The reason for this is that our tubs are sprayed with special paints only to be used on bathtubs, tiles and sinks. Most tubs that we do are sprayed with an average of 6 coats – 3 primer coats and 3 topcoats.

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Dear Dr. Tubs,

About 3 months ago, my husband and I purchased our first home. We are moving in in a few weeks time. In the master bedroom en-suite there is a beautiful looking tub that we just found out was reglazed before we bought the house. Is there anything I need to know about taking care of a reglazed tub? I read recently that I can’t use certain products when cleaning it, is this true?

Bertha Fitzgerald
First Time Home Buyer


Dear Bertha,
Congratulations to you and your husband for purchasing your first home. I am sure you are very excited! It’s great to hear that you have a “beautiful looking [reglazed] tub” in your en-suite bathroom.

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