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Dr. Tubs Reglazing will run to refinish your bathtub, reglaze your wall tiles…


At Dr. Tubs Reglazing, where we run to refinish tubs without fire extinguishers.

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Dr. Tubs Reglazing launches their new website. Check it out!


Just in time for the new year, Dr. Tubs Reglazing launches a new website. The new website is similar to the previous version, but with more pictures, more choices, less scrolling, the choice to read more or less, and with a much simpler, cleaner interface.

From the website, you can go straight to our blog or to Homestars,, Yellow Pages and the Better Business Bureau.  You can see lots of before and after pictures of bathtubs, sinks and tiles, as well as get information on how to care for a reglazed tub and information about our 3 year warranty. You’ll see lots of reviews and ways to sign up for promotions or even a quick quote.

So check out our new website and enjoy the new experience.

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Dr. Tubs Reglazing in the Sept. 2014 Edition of Style At Home


A little over a year ago, Dr. Tubs Reglazing, a bathtub, sink and bathroom tile refinisher in the Greater-Toronto-Area received a call from Jessica Waks. Jessica is the Style at Home’s design editor and she wanted to use Dr. Tubs Reglazing to refinish the art deco tub in the en-suite bathroom of her 1930’s Toronto home. Her plan was to keep as much of the vintage look as possible and therefore, she didn’t want to rip out the “stunning art deco bathtub”.

“I kept the cast-iron bathtub, since it was the perfect size and shape for the space, and had it reglazed. Now it looks brand new and adds a ton of charm to the room”, claims Jessica in the September 2014 edition of Style at Home. Waks also comments that her newly reglazed bathtub is her favourite feature in the bathroom.

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