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couple at cottageWhile you spend the last #longweekend of the summer sitting on the pier contemplating whether to replace or refinish your upstairs bathtub and tub-surround tiles, ponder on this. #Drtubsreglazing has been refinishing tubs, tiles and sinks for over 6 years. Dr. Tubs Reglazing has literally refinished thousands of bathtubs all over the Greater Toronto Area. You wouldn’t trust your health with just anyone, why would you trust your bathroom refinishing with just anyone? Dr. Tubs Reglazing specializes in refinishing all types of tubs, sinks and tub-surround tiles. Dr. Tubs has an A+ rating with the BBB. Dr. Tubs is highly rated on YellowPages, Homestars and The Dr. is the only reglazing professional you need to call. Lastly, it’s less costly, less time, less mess and more easier to refinish your bathroom by reglazing than compared to replacing. Don’t spend thousands of dollars, waste days or weeks with a contractor replacing your bathroom pieces and making a mess at the same time, when you can have Dr. Tubs Reglazing bring your bathroom back to life in a few hours, at the fraction of the cost. Call Dr. Tubs Reglazing in Toronto at 416-630-9143 or email us at

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DIY refinishing bathtubDIY refinishingAccording to At least 14 workers have died since 2000 as a result of using stripping agents containing methylene chloride during bathtub refinishing. However, in all cases, there were improper use of personal protective equipment (ex. face mask) and inadequate ventilation. Chemical stripping a tub with methylene chloride is very effective and as long as there is proper use of industrial ventilation systems with face, mouth and eye/nose protection by using at least a respirator mask, there should be no risks at all. Therefore, stripping and refinishing your bathtub by yourself is not a DIY project. Unless you know what you’re doing and you have the proper safety equipment, DON’T DO-IT-YOURSELF.

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cheap contractor

Why do some people hire based solely on the price?

If they hired a reglazer from Kijiji based on the sole fact that he is charging half the price as others and warrantying his work longer than others, why should we give a discount to redo his work? Furthermore, more work is required now to remove the Kijiji reglazer’s glaze and then to refinish it properly. This obviously costs more, as more work is required. Yet, we receive a guilt trip from these people because of their “mistake”.

If these people want to hire a cheap contractor or reglazer, then do so, but don’t guilt trip us in giving you a deal to repair or redo his pathetic work. Let’s face it; the only mistake that was made was with them going with someone who does shoddy work. Kijiji reglazer’s will under-cut everyone else to get work. Their advertisements look enticing, offering ridiculously low pricing and longer warranty times in the hope that they will be able to attract clients.

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