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Bathtub Reglazing Latest Post No-slip Surface Reasons To Reglaze

It’s time for a #realchange stop sliding around, call Dr. Tubs Reglazing Now!

Winter-Photography-Duck-Slipping-on-IceHave you ever slipped in the tub? Why continue to shower or bathe without putting down a mat? Is it because you don’t like the feel of those rubber mats that become dirty very quickly and ruin the look of your bathroom if they are left in? If you use a bath mat, do you just leave it in or do you take it out after every use?

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It’s time for #realchange pick Dr. Tubs Reglazing

If you are thinking that your bathroom needs some real change, but you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars, spending multiple days, un-installing and re-installing, dealing with plumbing, tiling, etc, pick Dr. Tubs Reglazing to Bring Your Bathtub Back To Life.

TubsToTheRescue_lineart_ColorDr. Tubs Reglazing in Toronto, Ontario has been reglazing bathtubs for over 6 years. The Dr. work’s with over 50 property management companies all around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and services hundreds of homes every year. Specializing in claw foot bathtubs, all types of metal tubs, fibreglass and acrylic baths as well, Dr. Tubs also reglazes sinks and wall tiles.

If you want to see #realchange quickly and economically, call Dr. Tubs Reglazing at 416-630-9143 or email

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Bathtub Refinishing Latest Post

Bath mats, slipping in the bathtub and why they don’t go together in a refinished tub

be_safe1-300x223Dr. Tubs Reglazing gets asked all the time about using bath mats and whether they are safe to be used on a refinished tub and the simple answer is they are safe for the user, but not for the tub. The problem with most of the bath mats out there is the way they stick to the tub. Most of them stick by way of suction cups and that’s great to prevent slipping, but when the mat is removed, the suction cups remove the glaze as well, coat by coat.Recently, I inspected a tub in a building 2 or 3 days after we refinished it. The property manager called me up saying that the new tenants moved in and are complaining about their tub peeling all over. When I saw the tub, it was evident that a bathmat was used right away, likely within a few hours of it drying and then removed after the first use. This mat didn’t rip off the glaze coat by coat, it ripped it right off in one go. See the picture below showing the mat partially peeled away. See the chunk of glaze still stuck to the suction cups of the mat?

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