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“We recently had our tub done by your technician Kurtis and he did a fantastic job. We are very pleased with the work he did and would recommend him to others. Our bathtub looks great!” D.N. Toronto

Or this one I received today….

“I’ve just had my 45 year old tub reglazed. I’ve been updating my bathroom on a limited budget and to replace the old tub would have meant thousands of dollars in labour and extra product costs…removing the toilet to get it out, removing the old tile tub surround, damage to drywall, new flooring…. It was out of the question.

From my first call to Dr. Tubs, I knew I had made the right decision. I was treated like I’m important (refreshing in my world) and the work team showed up on time. They were professional, friendly and did a great job. They were only here for about 2 hours and now my tub looks better than new.

I’ve had re-glazing done before in previous homes, so I know it will last (so long as it’s properly cared for).

Reglazing your tub with Dr. Tubs is very simply a “no brainer”. Thanks to everyone at Dr. Tubs for making my horrible bathroom reno a whole lot easier.

Warm regards, Katharine, Scarborough”

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