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Cleaning and Taking Care of a Reglazed Tub


Dear Dr. Tubs,

About 3 months ago, my husband and I purchased our first home. We are moving in in a few weeks time. In the master bedroom en-suite there is a beautiful looking tub that we just found out was reglazed before we bought the house. Is there anything I need to know about taking care of a reglazed tub? I read recently that I can’t use certain products when cleaning it, is this true?

Bertha Fitzgerald
First Time Home Buyer


Dear Bertha,
Congratulations to you and your husband for purchasing your first home. I am sure you are very excited! It’s great to hear that you have a “beautiful looking [reglazed] tub” in your en-suite bathroom.

We get a lot of requests to talk about how to clean a reglazed tub and if it can be cared for the same way as a non-reglazed tub. Therefore, I am going to clear the air (or should I say, clean the tub) and let you know everything you need to know to keep your tub looking “beautiful” for years to come.

With a non-reglazed tub, you can practically clean it with any liquid “cleaning” substance out there that is made to be used in home kitchens and bathrooms. I would stay away from using straight bleach and I wouldn’t encourage using any powdered cleansers, as they are too abrasive for the surface. Using a powdered cleanser will over time scrape away the enamel. Likewise,Cleaning bathtub instructions, Reglazed Tub care instructions steel wool or abrasive scrubbing sponges, will scrape off the enamel as well.

A reglazed tub needs a little more care as the reglazing paint was sprayed on the surface and not baked on the surface. Furthermore, not all reglazed tubs are the same quality as the quality depends on the types of paint used, the amount of coats applied, how well the tub was prepared before spraying and of course, the spraying ability of the reglazer. That being said, all reglazed tubs can be cleaned in the same way – using a wet cotton cloth and a mild liquid soap. I suggest using either a general purpose cleaner or a dish-soap. Never use a scrubbing sponge, cleaning pad or steel wool as they will all scrape off the enamel. Never use any bleach or bleach containing soap as it will yellow the glaze and it may cause it to peel off. In addition, powdered cleansers will over time scrape away the top enamel and it will eventually lose its shine and start to look dull.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts regarding the care of a reglazed tub:


  • Clean your tub regularly / at least once a week
  • Use a mild dish soap or general cleaner
  • Use a wet soft cotton cloth
  • Rinse & allow to dry


  • Don’t use abrasive or strong cleaning products, cleansers, pads or scrubbing sponges
  • Don’t use bleach or bleach containing products as they will yellow the tub and could cause peeling to occurDon’t rest bottles, toys or wet cloths on the tub as they will ruin the finish
  • Don’t wash animals in the tub because their claws will rip off the glaze
  • Don’t use mats or stick-on-strips as they will rip off the glaze
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