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Cleaning your bathtub should be a no-brainer part 1…


Cleaning your bathtub at least once a week should be habit just like cleaning the rest of your home once a week, but for some odd reason, many think that there is no reason to even clean the bathtub as the soap or shampoo used to clean themselves will clean the tub at the same time. Even if they see their tub with “ring around the collar” yellow-staining, they are willing to stand in it and shower, or worse, bathe in it. cleaning_tub

Lets try to connect the dots or ideas to see how gross bathing or showering in a dirty tub is. 1) When we shower or bathe, our natural skin cells, oils, soap/shampoo and any dirt on our bodies come off and go down the drain or come to rest on the bathtub. 2) Every time we repeat step 1 without cleaning the tub, the soap residues, oils, dirt, skin cells etc. build up on the tub. 3) The build up thickens even after just 2 uses leaving a yellowish-brownish film. (The more darker yellow or brown the film is means that it has a high skin cell and oil content. The more lighter the shade of the film is, means there is a higher detergent (shampoo or soap) content.) 4) The build-up continues and starts to permanently embed into the enamel of the tub. This may take weeks but it is a clear sign that something must be done or else. 5) After weeks of cleaning the tub, the skin oils, other bodily secretions, grease, dirt… start to eat away at the enamel of the tub. 6) Bacteria levels are very high. The tub may feel very sticky even when wet. At this stage,some people would prefer to keep it the way it is due to its “natural” anti-slip property. As the picture shows, the tub develops the “ring around the collar” look at a height where the water reaches, but not higher. Now that doesn’t mean it’s clean above, it just means it’s more dirtier below. Water splashes all around and if the tub isn’t cleaned after each use, there will be dirt, oils, skin cells and detergent all over the tub. Some people are clean freaks and they clean their tub every day or after each use which has it’s pros and cons. Most people don’t find themselves in this category. Most clean their tubs once a week. Some clean their tubs with much less frequency and then there are those, who NEVER CLEAN THEIR TUBS! AAAAAAAAAHHHH. It’s like a horror movie and it disgusts me every time I see them. Such a hideous site that is so dirty, so sticky, so scummy, I feel sick when looking at them and yet, the owner always has this look on their face of “I don’t know why it looks like that?” “I clean them!” Yeah right.

To be continued….

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