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Considering tub refinishing? Consider a no-slip surface. – Smart reglazing 101


Dr Tubs Reglazing, in Toronto, suggests that you get a no-slip surface with your bathtub reglazing if you fit into one of the following categories: 1) You use a bath mat in your tub to prevent slipping. 2) Children will be using the bath. 3) You are elderly, or prone to falls. 4) You want to be safe when bathing or showering and don’t want to risk falling and hurting yourself.

Dr Tubs has been recommending the no-slip surface since our inception and the #1 reason people turn it down, is it costs too much!!! For $35 or less you can have it applied properly by a trained bath tub refinisher and not have to ever worry about falling and hurting yourself. Yet so many people turn it down because spending an extra $35 is “too much.” So what do these people do? They get their bathtub reglazed and then they put a bath mat down… This is what happens.

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