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Dr Tubs Reglazing likes to share some maintenance tips…


Here are some maintenance tips:

Wash your tub at least once a week with a soft cotton face cloth or micro-fibre cloth. Never use sponges, scotch-brite pads, SOS pads or scrubbing brushes on a reglazed surface. Get rid of mildew as soon as it forms by washing it off with warm to hot water, soap and a little elbow grease. Make sure to air out your bathroom after using the tub to prevent humidity stagnation – the #1 cause of mildew. Don’t dye your hair or your socks in the tub, unless you want your tub to turn that colour. If you have a lip on your tub’s apron/skirt, dry it after each use to prevent rust from forming.  Make sure your drain is clear of hair, nails (finger/toe or even the metal kind) so that the water drains properly.

Dr Tubs Reglazing encourages everyone to enjoy their bathtub and their bath time.

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