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Dr. Tubs Reglazing Refinishes Sinks – Cast Iron, Mop Sinks, Laundry Sinks


Here is a cast iron mop sink used as a bathroom sink in an office building.

Mop Sink - Before Reglazing

Mop Sink After Reglaze

Mop Sink After Reglaze

The office redid the entire bathroom and wanted the disgusting looking sink to look new, again! Remember, why replace if you can reglaze. So that’s what we did. Dr. Tubs were called in to reglaze it….


What a beauty? If you need your mop sinks, laundry sinks, metal, cast iron, whatever, reglazed, call Dr. Tubs Reglazing to refinish it. 416-630-9143 or email us at or

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