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Dr. Tubs Reglazing Toronto and BBB Better Business Bureau


I’ve written about this before and I was recently asked to write about it again. Why are so few bathtub, tile and sink reglazing companies accredited with the BBB or Better Business Bureau? I noticed this a few years ago and still, nothing has changed. Dr. Tubs Reglazing in Toronto is not only an accredited member of the BBB, but we have the top A+ rating and we are proud to be held accountable by the world renowned BBB.

Dr. Tubs has been reglazing bathtubs in Toronto since 2009 and we’ve always felt that customer service is paramount. We knew all along that we had to have a great product, but we felt customer service was also a top priority.

We all can agree that every company should provide good service and a good product, but how a company treats their clients should be important. Lets face it, if you used a company to reglaze your bathtubs and the technicians were rude, or the person booking the reglazing is rude, would you want to continue to use them? Reluctantly, you would use them because you paid for the final product, not for the aggravation on the phone. As well, you could complain and demand to speak to someone else or have another technician do the work. However, if you had many tubs that needed reglazing, for example, in a building…you may eventually drop the company for another.

What about the other way? You call up to order a service call for your bathtub and you get the sweetest, most professional person you can imagine. The technician shows up and does a fabulous job, but over the next few months the bathtub starts to peel and the glaze comes off. If this happened repeatedly, would you bother to call this company back? Of course not. The final product is the most important aspect. It’s nice that the company treats you professionally, with respect, courtesy, decency etc. but the final product isn’t worth the money or hassle to stick with them.

Would you say anything? Would you leave constructive feedback? Would you check out reviews on the company or the next company you may consider. Would you feel more comfortable using a company that wants to be held accountable to a 3rd party agency like the BBB?

When a company holds themselves accountable by using an outside, independent organization like the BBB, it means that they are reputable. They feel that they want to be held to a high standard, an ethical standard, a professional standard. That is Dr. Tubs Reglazing of Toronto, Ontario. We abide by their Code of Business Practices and uphold their 8 Accreditation Standards that are in place to create and maintain trust in the business. These standards are 1) Build Trust, 2) Advertise Honestly, 3) Tell the Truth, 4) Be Transparent, 5) Honour Promises, 6) Be Responsive, 7) Safeguard Privacy and 8) Embody Integrity. More information on these standards can be found Here.

Why wouldn’t other reglazing companies want to work under these standards? If you cannot trust the company you’ve hired to reglaze your bathtubs because they are dishonest or they don’t honour their promises, why use them? Many people decide to use a company like that if they are cheaper, however, when something happens and you want them to come back and they aren’t picking up the phone…there is no one to complain to.

It always amazes us at Dr. Tubs Reglazing, how many people care more about the money, the $$$, the ching ching, until something happens. There are many reglazing companies in Toronto and so few of them want to be recognized as an honest, trustworthy company that will pick up their phone and listen to you if there are issues. Let’s face it, no company wants to have problem, but sometimes things do happen, but it’s the way the problems are dealt with that make that company stand out. Dr. Tubs Reglazing cares. Dr. Tubs Reglazing has an A+ rating for this reason. We treat our customers like they would want to be treated – honestly, fairly, we hold our head up and point our duck-bills up to the sky and not down at the ground and we work with our customers to give them the best experience, the best customer service around.

To be continued…

For more information on Dr. Tubs Reglazing of Toronto, Ontario please check here. For reviews on Homestars please check here. For reviews on YellowPages please check here.

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