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How To Choose A Reglazing Company


With so many companies out there to choose from, you have to know what questions to ask to find the right one for you. At the end of the day, you want your tub to look new, clean and shiny. You also want to feel happy with the money you’ve just spent. It’s therefore; important to know what questions you should be asking? Nobody wants to spend money and realize afterwards that they have thrown their hard earned dollar down the drain.

How To Choose A Reglazing CompanySome people feel that the price is the most important criteria and therefore, will choose solely based on price and nothing else. They have the notion that the tub will look great regardless who they choose to reglaze it. When the final outcome is based on the reglazer’s ability and the products he/she uses, how can price be the only thing that matters?

Here are some questions that you should definitely ask. What type of paints do you use? How many coats of paint do you apply? How long does it take to reglaze? How long do I have to wait till I can use the tub again? Is there a warranty? How many years and what does it cover? Is there anything I need to do before or after? How do you prevent spraying other areas other than the tub? Do you use a blower to decrease the smell and dust? Is there anything I should know about how to clean it or take care of it? How much does it cost?

Other questions to consider are the following: How long have you been reglazing? Do you have a website? Do you have any before/after pictures? References? Methods of payment? The list goes on.

At Dr. Tubs Reglazing, we pride ourselves on our customer service and our workmanship. We take time to explain what is involved in reglazing your tub and will be happy to answer all of your questions. We feel that it is so important for you to know what your investing in, that we provide information on reglazing on our website and our blog. Furthermore, you will receive a care card after the tub is done with basic instructions on how to care and maintain for your tub.

Call us today and get a free over-the-phone quote. Send us a picture of your tub and surrounding area, as this will help us in the quote. Our phone # is 416-630-9143. Our email address is or


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