Bathtub Reglazing Latest Post No-slip Surface Reasons To Reglaze

It’s time for a #realchange stop sliding around, call Dr. Tubs Reglazing Now!


Winter-Photography-Duck-Slipping-on-IceHave you ever slipped in the tub? Why continue to shower or bathe without putting down a mat? Is it because you don’t like the feel of those rubber mats that become dirty very quickly and ruin the look of your bathroom if they are left in? If you use a bath mat, do you just leave it in or do you take it out after every use?

Why don’t you decide to start fresh, start clean and go with something economical and quick…turn your bathtub into a tub you’d love to sit in and enjoy. It’s time for a #realchange. Call Dr. Tubs Reglazing at 416-630-9143 or email and ask about our no-slip surface. Don’t continue to use those awful rubber mats that cover up your bath and feel uncomfortable to sit on. Get the professionals in and reglaze your bathtub. Make it look and feel great.

Dr. Tubs Reglazing can also reglaze your tub-surround wall tiles and even your sink. Ask about our senior’s discount. Remember, Dr. Tubs Reglazing in Toronto, Canada is the only reglazing company that can Bring Your Tub Back To Life!

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