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Mats and Anti-Slip Surfaces


Dear Dr. Tubs,

We are thinking of reglazing our bathroom tub, but I recently heard that I wouldn’t be able to use my bath mat if it’s reglazed. Is this true?

Marianna F.
Scarborough, Ontario


Dear Marianna,

Thanks for writing to us. We get asked quite often if a bath mat can be used with a reglazed tub and the answer is it depends on the type of mat.

It is understandable that tubs will be slippery when they are used and many people will find a reglazed tub to be comparable or even a little more slippery. The reason for this is that our tubs are sprayed with special paints only to be used on bathtubs, tiles and sinks. Most tubs that we do are sprayed with an average of 6 coats – 3 primer coats and 3 topcoats. However, some tubs may be sprayed even more. We use special paints that leave a very shiny and smooth finish and some people may find that it’s a little too smooth. These people are already using a mat in their tub and would want the same after their bathtub is reglazed. However, most mats on the market should not be used with a reglazed tub because they have suctions on the bottom and will likely rip off the glaze from the floor of the tub when they are removed. This is something you definitely don’t want. Why spend a few hundred dollars on getting your tub refinished and looking brand-new and then ruin your tub by using a mat? That’s like throwing your money down the bath drain!

Non Slip Mats, Anti Slip SurfaceSo what should one do if they are used to using a mat and want to continue once their bathtub is reglazed? There are several options. One option is to get a special mat that is made to be used in reglazed tubs. They are designed with inverted suction cups so that the mat does not stick to the tub, but to you! Now you’re probably thinking how can you take a bath or shower if a mat will stick to your feet? Well, the mat’s design causes it to stick more to your feet than to the bath’s surface. However, using these types of mats can be uncomfortable and can actually cause you to slip and slide if there is a lot of water in the tub, leading to falls. So Dr. Tubs does not recommend these mats. In fact, Dr. Tubs does not recommend any mats in a reglazed tub. They cost around $60-100.

Other options to prevent slipping are use of no-slip stickers, no-slip tape, no-slip coatings and adhesive mats that are permanently installed over the reglazed tub floor. All of these options make your beautiful tub look cheap and they can actually come off and when they do, they will take the glaze with it. Also, some people find it difficult to properly clean their tubs with these stick-ons and even more so, they look ugly.

Dr. Tubs recommends one option that is cost effective, practical, looks good and won’t come off… We apply a special no-slip surface that’s put down on the floor of the tub when the primer coats are sprayed. This means it will never come off because it’s built into the coatings. The no-slip surface looks like the rest of the tub; the only difference is its feel. The floor will be a little rough, preventing slipping and the need to use a mat. It costs only $35 and it will never break, move around, make your tub look ugly and best of all, it doesn’t cost much.

We think that a no-slip surface is like an insurance policy; it helps protect you and your tub! This is the best option on the market and its available only at Dr. Tubs Reglazing.

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