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Pick a tub refinishing company that is a BBB member. Dr Tubs Reglazing is a member.


There are many refinishing companies out there, most vying for your money and once they get it, you’ll never hear from them again. So many times we hear that a tub has been resurfaced by a bathtub refinishing company and the workmanship is poor, the paint is peeling off or it chips shortly after the glaze was applied. When they’ve called up the company or the fellow who was so nice on the phone the first time they spoke, they just get excuses or worse, nobody picks up.  It is beyond me why people will go with the ‘cheapest guy’ or the one his contractor recommended without even checking the reglazer out. Take your time, speak with the technician and get a feel if this is a person you want to work with. Will they work with you or do they sound rushed on the phone and only want the job done yesterday and $$ in their wallet today?!? Does he or their company have a website? What about a blog? Do they have a profile with sites like Homestars, yellow pages or or something similar? Do they have any reviews? Lastly, are they a Better Business Bureau member? Dr Tubs Reglazing has a large staff of professional, courteous and well-trained refinishers who’ve collectively, refinished well over 5 thousand tubs. Dr Tubs has profiles with BBB, , Homestars and and many others. Dr Tubs has over 58 reviews spread out over these sites and our blog and we are averaging a 4.9/5 rating. Currently, we have an A rating with the BBB and the reason we don’t have an A+ rating is due to the time we’ve been a member.
Pick a company that won’t take you for a ride. Choose a company that will be honest, trustworthy, professional, have integrity and wants to be held accountable. Dr. Tubs Reglazing of Toronto is that company. Call us today at 416-630-9143 or check out our website or blog and realize for yourself why we are the better choice for tub resurfacing, bathtub refinishing or sink and tile reglazing.

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