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What is reglazing? What is refinishing or remodelling?


I’m always amazed at all the words companies use these days to describe the same thing. Reglazing, remodelling or refinishing are all one in the same. What ever word you want to use, you basically want to make your tub, sink or tiles look nicer than what they look like now.

Bathtub ReglazingAfter many years of use, the bathtub, sink or tiles show their age. If they aren’t cleaned really well every week than dust, dirt and soap scum will stick to their surfaces and over time, may even break down the surfaces. Alternatively, if they are cleaned frequently with abrasive cleansers and pads, the surfaces may be worn down and lose their shine. In addition, the surfaces may be chipped if something hard fell on it, making it look less appealing than before.

What happens if you don’t like the colour of the things in the bathroom? Pastels are no longer in style, the avocado greens and light pinks are yesterdays colours. Where as a shiny white is still the number #1 colour for bathroom pieces. Think about it. How would you feel walking into your bathroom and seeing a bright, shiny white tub versus an old dull looking blue tub?

Maybe you are thinking of doing a complete reno of your bathroom. You maybe thinking of replacing your vanity, putting a new mirror, a top-of-the-line toilet, a new paint job, and you’re not sure what to do with the bath. Then keep it. The tubs of yesterday were built much better than tubs today. Don’t replace if you don’t need to. Ripping out a good tub in order to put a new white tub doesn’t make sense. The quality is inferior, it costs a lot, you’ll have to rip out some tiles and may need to call in a plumber, general contractor and a tile setter. Reglaze rather than replace!!!

Bathtub Remodelling

Dr. Tubs Reglazing has worked on thousands of tubs around the GTA. Our two-stage process will make your tub, tile-surround or sink look new in less than a day and it will cost a few hundred dollars compared to a few thousand dollars. Unlike other companies, we spray special paints manufactured to be used on these surfaces. These high quality paints will form a new enamel and will last for years with your special care. We will bring your bathroom back to life!

Bathtub RefinishingDr. Tubs Reglazing has also perfected the art of putting a no-slip surface on the floor of the tub where it doesn’t feel like you’re standing on sea-shells.

Dr. Tubs also provides a care card with all our work informing the user how to care for the reglazed tub, improving the longevity.

Dr. Tubs Reglazing is expanding our service area to North of the city. If you live in Aurora, Newmarket, Stouffville and surrounding areas, you’ll automatically receive 15% off!

Call us today at 416-630-9143 or email us at or

Let Dr. Tubs Reglazing bring your bathroom back to life!

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