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Why hire a cheap contractor, hire a professional, hire Dr. Tubs Reglazing


cheap contractor

Why do some people hire based solely on the price?

If they hired a reglazer from Kijiji based on the sole fact that he is charging half the price as others and warrantying his work longer than others, why should we give a discount to redo his work? Furthermore, more work is required now to remove the Kijiji reglazer’s glaze and then to refinish it properly. This obviously costs more, as more work is required. Yet, we receive a guilt trip from these people because of their “mistake”.

If these people want to hire a cheap contractor or reglazer, then do so, but don’t guilt trip us in giving you a deal to repair or redo his pathetic work. Let’s face it; the only mistake that was made was with them going with someone who does shoddy work. Kijiji reglazer’s will under-cut everyone else to get work. Their advertisements look enticing, offering ridiculously low pricing and longer warranty times in the hope that they will be able to attract clients.

cheap professionalWhy take a chance? Check for references? Check around on websites like Homestars, Yellow Pages, Google his company? Is he an accredited member of the BBB? Does he have a website? Does he offer you a warranty longer than the majority of other reglazers? I’m sure you get the point. Don’t waste your time on Kijiji trying to find a reglazer that is happy to take your money and run. Call the professionals at Dr. Tubs Reglazing.

Recently, I had a fellow frantically call us up trying to get us to come to his condo to redo his entire tub that a Kijiji reglazer messed up big time. I don’t mean a few runs here or a little bit of roughness there. I mean he really messed this tub up. This reglazer used paint stripper on this acrylic tub. Using paint stripper on a plastic tub is a serious no-no as it burns and damages it. On top of that, he put a knife to the tub trying to cut out wet paint off the tub. What was he thinking or was he thinking at all?

I went to see this soaker tub and it was terrible. The Kijiji reglazer left the tub feeling rough all over, scratched up in many areas with a mess of paint over the area he burned. I quoted the condo owner our price to sand it down (as an acrylic tub cannot be stripped) and reglaze it. His chin dropped hitting the floor and his wife was in total shock. If they get the tub refinished again, he would have paid over a thousand dollars. By the way, the reason for getting this 4-year-old tub refinished was for 2 scratches he caused the week before.

The owner told me that even though this reglazer “gives” a 5-year warranty, when called to come back and fix the mess he left, the owner was told that there was nothing wrong and the reglazer hung up. The reglazer doesn’t even pick up the phone when the owner calls him. The owner questioned himself several time on whether it was the right decision to hire him, in particular, when the reglazer stopped in the middle saying he was tired and wanted to rest in their condo. He ended up eating his dinner in the small condo right in front of the owner and his wife! By the way, the reglazer asked the condo owner for tools he should have had with him. People, if you need to supply the contractor with tools of his trade, you should tell him to leave.

All in all, this reglazer did a shoddy job. He takes only cash and doesn’t leave a paper trail. Everything about his advertisement looks unprofessional and everything about this fellow looks unprofessional yet he is busy messing up tubs for people who want to pay as little as possible.

Dr. Tubs Reglazing of Toronto only suggests using professionals. Dr. Tubs Reglazing only suggests using reglazers who know what they are doing.

How can you check if these individuals know what they are doing? Look for references. Do a little investigating to see if this person is reputable. Do some homework on this person before you allow them into your home. 

Here are some sure signs that should indicate to you not to hire them. In no particular order; if they are on Kijiji, if their advertisement is riddled with spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and/or it doesn’t even make sense. They don’t have their own website. They only have one 5 star review written by someone who could be their uncle. Finally, if you do go ahead with hiring them because of their amazing price and a longer warranty than anyone else, if they show up and need to borrow equipment from you, say they are tired and want to rest and then eat dinner with you, it’s time to say bye bye!!

Don’t waste your time. There is only one Dr. Tubs Reglazing. Call us today at 416-630-9143 or email at

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