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Bathtub Reglazing or Acrylic Liner installation?


Is Bathtub Reglazing Enough or Do You Need to install a Liner?

Bathroom remodeling can involve a range of costs and mini-projects; and even when you are simply looking for a quick refresh – how do you decide between bathtub reglazing or installing an acrylic liner?

What is Reglazing?

Toronto Bathtub Reglazing and Tub Refinishing Professionals

A photo of one of Dr Tubs Reglazing and Liner’s bathtub reglazing experts at work.

Bathtub reglazing, (also known as tub resurfacing or bathtub refinishing) is the art of spraying special paints onto a bathtub made specifically for bathtubs. In essence, we are re-enameling it to make it look and feel brand new.

The first step in reglazing is to thoroughly clean the surface of the tub to remove oil, soap, and mineral deposits. This process ensures that the new finish is properly bonded with the tub and that any small particles don’t create imperfections.

After the initial cleaning, your tub undergoes a cosmetic retouching to fix any small imperfections.

A bathtub fixed up by Dr Tubs Reglazing Toronto

A professional Bathtub Resurfacing job done by Dr Tubs Reglazing and Liners in Toronto

Following that, a bonding agent is applied. It’s important to note that the quality of the bonding agent will determine the longevity of the reglazing or resurfacing of the tub. 

The last step is the application of a new tub finish.

What is an Acrylic Liner?

Acrylic Bathtub Liners Toronto

Custom-made Bathtub Liners manufactured in Canada from the strongest acrylic around. They are high impact, high resistant and are made to fit right over the existing tub and tile. They come in white and the wall-surround can come in a mock-ceramic tile.

An acrylic liner is a moulding that fits over the existing bathtub and is made to fit exactly over the tub like a glove. It is placed over your existing tub and then securely glued down and sealed. The important thing about your liner is that it should be made of a highly durable acrylic, stay away from fibreglass.

Bathtub Cleaning Tips

These are typical items used to clean bathtubs, however only the Dawn dish soap can be used on a reglazed tub. Vinegar is an acid and will damage a reglazed tub. The scrubby brush is too abrasive for reglazed and lined tubs and should never be used.

Moreover, the liner has to be custom made for your bathtub to ensure a snug and hermetic fit. A great advantage of our bathtub liners is that they don’t chip, yellow, stain or fade and can be easily cleaned with liquid soap.

As with reglazing, the bathtub is first thoroughly cleaned and then a bonding agent is applied to ensure that the liner is securely and hermetically attached to your tub. 

What’s the difference?

Bathtub reglazing is the less involved and more budget friendly solution. When you are in a time crunch it may be your only option. It takes as little as just one day to reglaze your tub and surrounding area. For example, if you are planning a large renovation project, tub reglazing can quickly take the bathtub off your list.

Finances. When you don’t have the budget for a new tub or a custom made liner, reglazing is your best bet.

Finally, sometimes a full bathtub replacement is just not feasible as it opens a Pandora’s box of issues with old plumbing, tile surround, and anything else that may need adjusting before a new tub is installed.

What can Bathtub Reglazing fix?

Fix my Bathtub

Photo of a scenario where the landlords decided to open up the wall to repair plumbing, which should have been done before the metal tub was reglazed. 

Has your tub seen better days? Are there nasty stains, chips, rust, or faded colour? Perhaps you’ve remodelled the bathroom and the tub’s colour no longer matches. Reglazing can easily and quickly solve this problem. 

We have years of experience in reglazing acrylic, fiberglass, cast iron, metal and even porcelain bathtubs.

Dr. Tubs Reglazing and Liners can change the colour, fix any blemishes, repair chips, polish and make your bathtub look brand new by reglazing it.

How do I take care of my newly Reglazed Bathtub?

Not only do we offer a comprehensive Dr. Tubs Reglazing & Liners 2-year warranty on both workmanship and materials after we reglaze your bathtub, but we provide a care card with all our work informing you on how to care and improve the lifespan of your newly reglazed tub.

Fill out this form below and we will send you our Dr. Tubs Reglazing & Liners Care Card




When to choose a Bathtub Liner over Tub Reglazing?

A bathtub liner should be considered if reglazing or replacing a bathtub aren’t the best options. In cases where the existing tub and/or liner are compromised or when an accessibility bench is required, a liner should be installed. Note that our bathtub liners will cover up all major defects such as chips and rust.

Miracle Bathtub Acrylic Liners Toronto

There is no need to rip out your existing tub when you can save money and have your bathroom looking brand new. Our Bathtub Liners are high quality non-porous acrylic that won’t chip, dent, stain or fade and best of all, it’s easy to clean with any non-abrasive liquid soap and a soft cotton cloth.

For instance, if your tub has a significant amount of rust (more than just a few dots here and there) you’ll need a liner. While small amounts can be sealed and glazed over, significant volume of rust will just keep coming back. It has to be dealt with once and for all.

Putting a liner down will prevent the rust from continuing to spread as it is covered by the liner and you will never see it and water will never get to it.

Accessibility benches for elderly and people with mobility impairment are another reason to get a bathtub liner. The bench will 100% of the time damage the glaze on a reglazed tub, therefore we never recommend it. Using a liner in this case is highly recommended.

When should you replace a tub?

While reglazing and liners are good in most cases, sometimes there is no choice to replace. For example, if there are holes, or the tub is badly rusted – particularly around either Dr.ain, or any other major structural damage. Then you will need a new tub.

Rusty Drain

A metal tub where rust has eaten away the metal around the overflow Drain. This tub must be replaced as the area around the overflow Drain pipe is exposed. Any water getting in that area will cause leaking and damage below and behind the bathtub.

A new tub is also recommended for an acrylic or fibreglass tub that has a crack in it.

If you’re not sure whether reglazing or a custom-fit high impact resistant bathtub liner is right for you, contact Dr. Tubs Reglazing and Liners for a phone consultation; and if needed we can conduct an on-site inspection.

A conversation with the Reglazing and Liner expert…

“I heard liners leak and that’s why I chose to Reglaze instead.”

If you’re looking at ways to spruce up your bathtub sooner or later you’ll encounter the claim that bathtub liners leak and make tubs worse.

Dr Tubs Reglazing and Liners Toronto

Let Us Bring Your Bathtub Back To Life!

Let me be the first to say, that sometimes, it can be true. Here is what I mean.

The vast majority of liners on the market are thin (about 1/8th of an inch thick), aren’t custom made and are made of cheap fibreglass or acrylic. They can easily be punctured resulting in water getting trapped in between the liner and tub giving you a squishy feeling below your feet.

The right kind of liner isn’t going to leak.

For starters; it should be at least 1/4″ thick – that’s DOUBLE the average liner on the market. Additionally, the liner needs to be custom made for each tub to ensure the best fit and no spaces for water to get through. In most cases, our liners are thicker and more durable than the original tub.

Rust on a tub is like bacteria on a petri dish, it grows and consumes the metal. Depending on the location of the rust, a liner would be a perfect option as it seals the rust and prevents any moisture from coming in contact with it again.

Metal Bathtub Drain Hole

An example of a very rusty over-flow Drain in a metal bathtub. A hole has developed to the right of the pipe exposing an area where water can get through which could lead to leaking and damage behind and below the tub.

At Dr. Tubs Reglazing and Liners, we offer bathtub, tile and sink reglazing services as well as custom made Canadian made, high-impact resistant acrylic liners. We will base our recommendations on what best fits your situation with regards to budget, the state of the original tub, and longevity of our service.

“I work in a building that needs service on many bathtubs, how do you handle wholesale customers? Do you have experience with work that’s not in privately owned residences?”

That’s a great question. In fact, we routinely work with condominiums, apartment buildings, and hotels in Toronto and the GTA.

While dealing with larger quantities the goal is essentially the same – the best solution for each situation with regards to expedience and quality of service, and price. Following our assessments, we will sit down and work-out the optimal solution for you.

Our focus is always on providing the best service for our customers and we have many 5 stars reviews to back this up.


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