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Reviews are worth billions according to the Toronto Star

According to a recent article in the Toronto Star Newspaper, “your opinion may be worth billions” shows why it’s so important for a company to get reviews. Elizabeth Weise writes that the reviews people leave could be worth 400 billion USD. She writes “it’s a virtuous cycle  – the more reviews, the more buys, the more buys, the more reviews. The more buys, the higher your rank in search and the more sales you get”. One third of buyers reported that they wouldn’t buy anything until they checked reviews. In fact, they wouldn’t buy the product unless it has positive reviews. 

Amazon seems to be the place that attracts the most searches for reviews on any given product. People search to see the product and what other people felt about it. Likewise, when people search for a reputable reglazing company, they hop online to #HomeStars, #411, #YellowPages, the #BBB and the list goes on to find a company that has positive reviews. Dr. Tubs Reglazing has hundreds of positive reviews online. Believe it or not, negative reviews can be positive as well. When someone reads a negative review and sees that others wrote positive ones, the negative review back-fires and it causes the person reading it to think the problem was with the client not the contractor. Especially, when the review is not only negative but a has a very low star rating next to it. People wonder if the writer is the problem. Even more so, if the company replies back positively, it makes that low rated review like it was never there. People don’t care about them as much. 

One thing Dr. Tubs Reglazing has always advocated was that their customers write honest reviews and if they had an issue, leave constructive feedback rather than spewing negativity. Not only does our ranking go down with one low ranked review, but it takes longer to get back up higher all because you felt you needed to prove a point. We strongly encourage every client to write a review, short or long, it helps us all in the long run. People want to know why they should pick company x over company y. So let them know. If you want the company to look bad and it really wasn’t their fault, you’ll look worse by leaving an overly-negative low-ranked review. We’ll eventually move up and we all do. Thank you to all who leave positive reviews. 

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