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You say biscuit, I say cookie. Picking a colour isn’t always easy.

Recently, our office received a call from a fellow who wanted his tub refinished in biscuit. “Biscuit is a cookie, not a colour” I told him. The fellow said his sink is biscuit, his new toilet is biscuit and he just refinished his bathtub using a home painting product for bathtubs; and that’s in biscuit as well. However, all three pieces are slightly different shades of ‘biscuit’.

If you are asking yourself, what the heck is biscuit, it’s an off-white colour close to bone. The problem is that tub reglazing paints come in the following colours: Gloss White, American Standard White, Kohler White, Bone, Almond and Clear. There is no professional paint made for bathtubs, sinks or tiles in Biscuit. To make matters worse, all three of his bathroom pieces are slightly different shades of biscuit even though he was told they were all biscuit. The reason for this is that one is an American Standard, one is a Toto and one is a DIY tub paint. I started thinking about drinking a Pepsi with my cookie…no, make it a Coke and a chocolate chip cookie.

I decided to do some research and I found that Toto’s Sedona Beige #12 is a close match to Kohler’s Biscuit or American Standard’s Linen. My head hurts. When did colours become food and fabric? Can’t there just be a standard? By the way, if you are interested, Toto Cotton = Kohler White. Toto Colonial White = American Standard White. Toto Sedona Beige = American Standard Linen / Kohler Biscuit. Toto Bone = American Standard Bone / Kohler Almond. Coke ≠ Pepsi. Chocolate chip cookie ≠ oatmeal raisin cookie.

There are bathtub refinishing companies out there that will mix paints to match colours and we aren’t one of them as the paints they mix are for different items and shouldn’t be mixed. Their bathtubs tend to peel shortly after. Based on this, I told the customer we wouldn’t be able to reglaze his tub as he likely won’t be happy with 4 different shades of the “same” colour. You see, you may say cookie and he may say biscuit but at the end of it all, it’s not the same for paint.

By the way, here is Toto’s colour Sedona Beige #12 which is supposed to be equivalent to Kohler’s Biscuit or American Standard’s Linen.

 American Standard Linen


Toto’s Sedona Beige #12






Kohler’s Biscuit


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